2024 TOSL League Wide Break- July 27-August 11
2024 TOSL League Wide Break- July 27-August 11

T.O. Soccer League

Technical Information - U8 & U9

U8 & U9 (5V5) Fundamentals

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Length of Game- 2 x 20min Halves

Field of Play - the field of play must be rectangular. The recommended field dimensions for U8/U9 are Width (25 to 30m) Length (30 to 36M)

The Goal Area: The goal area may or may not be outlined. The area can be identified with markings and/or cones as follows: 2 feet from each goal post and 6 feet from inside of the goalposts extended and joined by a line parallel to the goal line.

Retreat Line: at the 1/2 of the field will come into play when the ball has gone out for a goal kick or when goalkeeper has the ball in his/her hands. The retreat line shall be marked with the use of a field marker outside the field of play. The ball is in play once it leaves the penalty area, all opponents must be behind the retreat line and cannot cross the retreat line until the ball is touched by a player of the team releasing the ball, the ball leaves the field of play OR the ball goes to the opposition squad crossing the retreat line.

1.   Match Officials/Game Leader: All Mini-Festival games shall be managed by a Match Official/ Game Leader. If the assigned Match Official(s) does not show up, and a qualified Match Official is available, the game shall be played. Conversely, the Team Officials can mutually agree upon a Game Leader and the game shall be played.

2.   Start of Game by coin toss: At the beginning of the game, choice of halves and the kick-off shall be decided by the toss of a coin. The squad that wins the toss shall decide which goal to attack in the first half. The other squad will take the kick-off. At the kick-off, all players must be in their own half of the field of play.

3.   Kick Off: All players opposing the squad taking the kick-off shall be not less than 6 yards (5.5M) from the ball until it is kicked-off. The game shall be started when the ball is kicked forward into the opponent’s half of the field. Should the player taking the kick-off play or touch the ball a second time before it has been played or touched by another player, a free-kick shall be awarded to the opposing squad. A goal may NOT be scored directly from a kick-off.

4.   Goals: After a goal has been scored, the game shall be restarted by a kick-off, to be taken by a player of the squad against which the goal was scored.

5.   Pass In/Dribble in: The ball shall be passed in or dribbled in. There are no thrown-ins. On a pass in or dribble in, all opponents must be at least 6 yards from the ball. A goal may NOT be scored directly from a kick-in or dribble in.

6.   Ejections: Players ejected by the referee may no longer take part in the game and must be replaced by a squad mate. (a Red Card does not result in playing short-handed)

7.    Free-Kicks: Indirect kicks are awarded for all handballs, fouls and misconduct. All opponents

must be at least three (3) metres from the ball

There are no DIRECT KICKS, CORNER KICKS or PENALTY KICKS awarded at U8/U9.

8.    Callups- Unlimited callups to the maximum game day roster size of 10. Underage callups/

rostered players may not equal more then 3 for game day.