2024 TOSL League Wide Break- July 27-August 11
2024 TOSL League Wide Break- July 27-August 11

T.O. Soccer League

Fines - U13 - U18 - Appendix A

2024 Fines - U13 - U18

DescriptionSection1st Offence2nd Offence3rd Offence
Team Withdrawal after March 1st2CForfeit league fees
Team Withdrawal after March 15th2D$250 plus league fees
Team Withdrawal after May 1st2E$500 plus league fees
Game Forfeit4D, 7, 8, 9,
18G, 18H
Game Default (less then 72 hrs)3C, 4C, 13D$250$500$1000
Schedule Manipulation3D, OS 5.67$1000$3000$5000
Ineligible Player7, 8, 9, 18$500$500$500
No corner flags or nets etc.4F$25$25$25
Failure to submit initial roster by May 15th5A$100
Failure to report change in roster5A, 6C$25$25$25
Team Official Not Registered6A$25$25$25
Too Many Team Officials6B$25$25$25
Failure to inspect player books7F$25$25$25
Incomplete game sheet16A$25$25$25
Game Sheet Infractions16D$250$350$500
Failure to report score/improperly reporting
Failure to appear for discipline hearingDiscipline
table 12
Suspended until
+ $100 fee
to request
Game Abandonment19B
OS 5.70
Discipline Cautions18I21 Cautions - $20031 Cautions - $50036 Cautions - $1000
Discipline Dismissals18J8 Dismissals - $50010 Dismissals - $1000
Club responsibility re: reported insulting behaviour by team19C
OS 5.53
Misconduct and jersey removed19D
OS 5.67