2024 TOSL League Wide Break- July 27-August 11
2024 TOSL League Wide Break- July 27-August 11

T.O. Soccer League

Technical Information U12

U12 (9V9) Learn to Train

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Field of Play - the field of play must be rectangular, recommended field dimensions for U12 are as Follows Width (42 to 55m) Length (60 to 75M)

The Goal Area: The goal area must be outlined. The area must be identified with markings and/or cones as follows: 2 feet from each goal post and 6 feet from inside of the goalposts extended and joined by a line parallel to the goal line.

Retreat Line: On all goal kicks and/or keeper possession of the ball with his/her hands, squads are asked to retreat to 1/3 of the field (as indicated by retreat line markers) to allow the squad taking the goal kick to play out of the back. Once the ball is played and has been touched by another player, leaves the field of play, or crosses over the retreat line the opposing squad can advance. NOTE: If the goal keeper chooses to play over the retreat line when in possession then the opposing squad can advance.

Match Officials: All Festival games shall be managed by a Match Official. If the assigned Match Official(s) does not show up, and a qualified Match Official is available, the game shall be played. The Team Officials can mutually agree upon a Match Official and the game shall be played.

Start of Game by coin toss: At the beginning of the game, choice of halves and the kick-off shall be decided by the toss of a coin. The squad which wins the toss shall decide which goal to attack in the first half. The other squad will take the kick-off. At a kick-off, all players shall be in their own half of the field of play.

Kick Off: is a way of starting or restarting play. It occurs at the start of a match, after a goal has been scored and/or at the start of the second half. A goal MAY be scored directly from a kick-off.

·          All players must be in their own half of the field

·          The receiving team must be 10 yards away from the ball at kick off. ·      The ball must be stationary on the centre mark

·          The referee gives the signal

·          The ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves

·          The kicker must not touch the ball again until it is touched by another player

Goals: After a goal has been scored, the game shall be restarted by a kick-off, to be taken by a player of the squad against which the goal was scored.

Throw-Ins: Throw-ins shall be used to restart play when ball goes out of play on the side of the field.

Ejections: Players ejected by the referee may not take part in the game and must be replaced by squad mate. (Red Card does not result in playing short-handed)

Free-Kicks: Direct or Indirect kicks are awarded for all handballs, fouls and

misconduct. Opponents must be 9.5 meters away from the ball when the free kick is taken.

Penalty Kicks: Penalty kicks will be awarded at this age group. The penalty spot is marked 9 metres from the midpoint between the goal posts and equidistant to them.

Substitutions: unlimited substitutions may be made throughout the game. Substitutions are only allowed at any stoppage in play and at the discretion of the Match Official. The Match Official must be advised of all substitutions.

Call ups: Unlimited Callups. Cannot exceed maximum of 5 underage players on game day.

(Please see below chart for specific age group information)



Under 12

9v9 (with goalkeeper) Ideal 12/Maximum 16 Unlimited (Any stoppage) 2X35 minutes



Players Equipment

·    Each player must wear shin Guards

·    Players wearing protective devices (cast, braces, etc.) will not be allowed to play, unless written approval is received from the Club Head Referee

·    No Jewellery is permitted. Exception = Medical Alert Bracelet ·  Notwithstanding – all decisions with regard to